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Caring for someone suffering from mental illness isn't easy.  It is incredibly important that carers make sure they protect their own health and mental wellbeing.  More and more resources are being provided to both educate and support family and friends as they help their loved ones on their journey to health.

Many people find that the more they know about the struggles their loved one is facing the easier it is to be a support, so find information from reputable sources.  It's also important to realise that you are not alone, 7 million Canadians are estimated to care for a sick or disabled family member, 700,000 of those are children or youth.


Parents for Children's Mental Health

  • The association both advocates for better treatment for childhood and youth mental illness and links families to important networks within their communities to ensure they get the care they need.
E-mail for more information about meetings.
Dundas Community Services
  • Information, counseling, advocacy, personal assistance and referrals. We link people with human services, community organizations, and businesses.

Call (905) 627-5461 or e-mail for more information.

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario

  • The Mood Disorder Association of Ontario has developed a comprehensive support program for family members who are experiencing the complex challenges associated with providing and receiving care to those living with mood disorders and/or addictions. 

  • While family members and caregivers are essential to the support team when addressing the needs of a loved one with mental health and addiction challenges, very often family members become in need of services and supports themselves.

Please click here for more information on their family support programs.

Carers Canada

  • Established in 2000, Carers Canada embodies and reinforces the national and international movement to ensure the recognition and inclusion of carers in social policy.

Call Catherine Suridjan at (905) 567-7373 or e-mail at for more information.


Online resources for youth dealing with family mental health issues.

  • Read the diaries of four teenagers, based on real stories, as they deal with the challenge of living with mental illness in their families.

  • Watch short clips about mental illness and how they can affect people.

  • Read or listen to Factsheets and Podcasts for clear facts and information.

Contact our Helpline for advice and access to support at 1-800-18-7263


  • mindyourmind is a youth mental health and engagement program that works in partnership with youth, emerging adults and the professionals who serve them to co-develop innovative tools and resources.

  • These resources are designed to promote wellness, reduce stigma, and increase access to community supports, both professional and peer-based.

  • Through the use of active engagement, best practice and technology, mindyourmind inspires youth to reach out, get help and give help.

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The Family Caregiver

  • 7 million Canadians care for a loved one at home or in a care facility.

  • This website will connect you to practical ‘how to’ information that can help you to find solutions to your caregiving questions and needs.

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