Professional Wellness

Professional Wellness

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The ability to:

  • search for your calling by exploring various occupations and finding where YOU fit in.

  • sucessfully apply your commitment to an occupation by doing work that you find motivating and meaningful.

  • achieve a balance between work and leisure time.

  • address workplace stress and build relations with co-workers. 


Not everyone needs to focus much on their professional wellness to achieve balance, but some define themselves by their occupation.  For those people their job helps them achieve a sense of self-worth as well as enhancing their social and intellectual health.

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Employment Ontario

Employment Services / Resource & Information Centres

  • There are 7 Employment Ontario funded services that offer access to free employment resources in the city. They have free resources for resumes, job search, interview preparation, skills training, information sessions/workshops, government programs, employer services, employment counselling.

YMCA Careerworx (downtown)
Call 905-540-9679 to inquire how to access their services.

Goodwill Career Centre (east mountain)
Call 905-526-8488 to inquire how to access their services.

Employment Hamilton (downtown east)
Drop in Mon – Thurs 9-11am or 1-3pm to sit with a counsellor and explore the services. First come first serve.


Mohawk College Community Employment Services (central mountain site / stoney creek site)
Call 905-575-2177 to book appointment.

VPI Inc. (south central mountain)
Call 905-387-2220 to inquire how to access their services.

Wesley Employment Services
Call 289-396-5864 to inquire how to access their services.

College Boreal (Francophone services)
Call 905-777-1562 to inquire how to access their services.

PATH Employment
  • Non-profit agency downtown that’s been helping people with any kind of disability get and keep jobs since 1972. Our focus is on the skills, talents, qualifications and truly the abilities of the individuals we work with as disability is often a misleading and misunderstood term.
Call 905-528-6611 to inquire how to access their services

The Women’s Centre of Hamilton

Women Getting Work

  • Peer support group to empower and guide women in their search for work.
Call 905-522-0127 or email to register.

Ontario Works

Employment Services
  • Entering this program gives you access to one-on-one & group employment preparation, assistance and development, access to funding for short term training, access to Helping Hands employment training program (which includes extra money earned on monthly OW income) and additional support to employment success.
When in receipt of Ontario Works, it is a requirement that you are participating in a program that will assist you in becoming independent of the assistance. If one of these programs are a more suitable intervention to achieve this goal, speak with your Ontario Works caseworker for more information on this intervention and to get a referral into it.

Immigrants Working Centre

Job Search Workshops Program
  • One week full time program designed for newcomers and Internationally Trained Professionals.
  • Gain knowledge and skills to better understand job search, interview and retention strategies, Canadian business perspectives and next steps relating to the job search process.
  • Gain confidence to understand your skills and sell them to potential employers.
If you are an individual new to Canada who is ready, willing and able to work and able to communicate in the English language; permanent residents, convention refugees or live-in-caregivers contact IWC at 905-529-5209 to inquire and register.

YWCA Hamilton

Employment Services
  • Access to individual/group assistance, specialized training and services for low-income, marginalized groups and individuals to overcome barriers to employment.
  • For women, youth and newcomers.
  • Some of the specialized programs available include 1stbiz Microlending, Resource Centre, Smart Serve, Food Handler Certification, S.I.S.T.E.R., Microlending, Bridging to Employment for Internationally Trained Individuals and Women in Information and Technology.
Contact 905-522-9922 for direction to any program of interest for general information on the Employment Services

City of Hamilton - Economic Development

Small Business Enterprise Centre (City Hall)
  • Access to a one-stop source for information and tools for entrepreneurs to help grow and sustain their businesses. Includes resources such as business information, guidance, professional advice.
  • There is also access to professional development fee courses/workshops.
Contact 905-540-6400 for more information.

Adult Basic Education Association
  • Access to free information and referral to upgrading/training programs to improve employment prospects.
  • For individuals on Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program, there is access to funding for Educational Planning Assessment Services or Learning Challenges Assessment if wishing to retrain or upgrade for employment goals.
Contact 905-527-2222 for information and referral service or for information about getting the funding through Ontario Works and ODSP for assessments.

Community Living Hamilton

Employment Services
  • Access to services that support people with disabilities to attain their employment goals. They offer vocational services for individuals with an intellectual disability.
  • Gain work experience in various fields across the City, develop job search and job retention skills and become and active participant in the community.
Call the Hamilton Niagara Region Developmental Services Ontario office at 1-877-376-4674 or contact Ontario Disability Support Program to gain access to Employment Supports and get a referral to Community Living (or other employment programs in the city).

March of Dimes

Employment Services
  • Available to clients with a disability that are looking for work to gain greater independence by providing job training, finding employment and providing mentoring and support.
Contact (905) 527-6653 for more information on the services and how to access or contact Ontario Disability Support Program to gain access to Employment Supports and get a referral to March of Dimes (or other employment programs in the city).

The Career Foundation

Completing the Circle
  • A federally-funded 5-week youth employment program designed to support youth 15-30 that are newer to the workforce.
  • Participants are paid at minimum wage to take part in the program, which includes job readiness training including skills training, life skills training, goal planning, understanding worker rights/labour laws, support in securing a paid employment placement and mentoring support to ensure a successful transition into the workplace.
Contact 905-667-0321 for intake dates and information on how to apply.

Mohawk College

Career Coaching Services
  • Offered to all current and previous Continuing Education students.
  • Access to career and strengths-based coaching, assistance with marketing materials in the job search process, resources to improve job search technique, information to excel in your interview and access to professional development workshops to help improve employment prospects.
For more information please contact or 905-575-2176

Backpack to Briefcase (BtoB)
  • Develop your soft skills to give you an edge in your professional path.
  • An interactive and informative workshop series designed to help students and recent grads take their academic skills and develop the personal and professional skills to transition successfully into "Life after Mohawk".
  • Learn the important soft skills that are not typically taught in the classroom.
  • If you attend 4 or more BtoB workshops during the school year, you are eligible to obtain an Alumni Leadership, Experience and Development (LEAD) Program Certificate. Increase your employability out of school!
View and register for current workshops online here.

Please contact us at or through our Facebook page.