Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can be triggered by many things.  It may be neurological, it may be because of disease, it may be caused by depression or trauma. 

It is defined as pain lasting longer than 12 weeks.  Acute pain is important and healthy, it tells us that there is something wrong.  But chronic pain may have no discernable cause what so ever.  When you are in pain for weeks, months, even years, it can erode away your sense of self.  Depression, anxiety, even PTSD, are not uncommon in people with chronic pain both as a cause and as a result of the condition.

Chronic Pain


The Arthritis Society – Stoney Creek

Taking Charge of your Osteoarthritis / Arthritis (2 separate courses)

  • A free 2-hour session with instructors that are health care professionals who have advanced training in the management of arthritis. This is a great opportunity to find out the diagnosis of osteoarthritis and explore various treatment options to improve quality of life. This course is taught by a registered Occupational Therapist from the Arthritis Society.

Osteoarthritis of the Hand – Hamilton

  • A free 3-hour class where you will be able to use strategies to control pain and stiffness, protect joints, and improve the function of the hand. This is a great opportunity to learn how to reduce symptoms and explore various treatment options. This course is taught by a registered Occupational Therapist from the Arthritis Society.

Contact 1-800-321-1433 Ext 1301 for more information and to register, as seating is limited.


Hamilton Health Sciences – Michael G Degroote Pain Clinic

Chronic Pain Self Management Workshops

  • There is no cost to the participant and no referral required. The classes are filled on a first come basis to a maximum of 20 participants.

Call for more information or to register 905-521-2100 Ext. 77127 or Ext. 77153.

Hamilton Family Health Team

Take Charge! Group for Chronic Pain

  • This is a workshop for people who want to learn to cope better and live well with their ongoing health problems. If you are a family member or caregiver for someone with a chronic condition, you are also welcome to come.

  • Take Charge! can help you:

    • learn ways to take control of your chronic problems

    • meet people who are going through similar problems

  • The workshop is six weeks long. Each session is two and a half hours and is led by trained and certified leaders. There are 8-12 people at each group.

Call Take Charge! to register for programs in Hamilton at 905-521-2100 ext. 77127 or 1-855-333-2376.

North Hamilton Community Health Centre

Mind Over Body

  • Open to all who experience chronic pain. A holistic group designed to help self-manage pain lasting 3 or more months.

Freedom to Be – Mindfulness

  • 5-week program that is open to everyone interested in stress-free living, especially those struggling with depression or anxiety.

Mindful Mondays

  • Peer-led support group for people that have participated in the Freedom to Be workshop or have mindfulness practice principles under their belt. A chance to meet and practice what you’ve learned in a safe and supportive environment.

Call 905-523-6611 Ext 2014 for more information or to register.


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