Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

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The ability to:

  • live comfortably within your means.

  • understand the difference between a need and a want.

  • not let money be the driving force in your life.

  • create a long term plan for financial stability.


It's important to realise that financial wellness is a holistic concept and it is about overall financial health.  To that end it is always a good idea to get financial advice from a professional you trust.  Finances can be daunting and with so many financial products and services out there it's easy to get lost.  Also be wary of for-profit companies, there are many creditable non-for profit credit counseling services available as well as easily accessible resources that will walk you through budgeting and goal setting.

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Catholic Family Services

Walk-in Credit Counselling Clinic

  • NOTE: There is a sliding scale fee – this means if you are unable to afford a fee, you will not be turned away.

  • The Walk-In Credit Counselling Clinic provides drop-in support for immediate financial solutions. Bring to your session statements of debt balances, a pay stub and a list of household expenses. The clinic works on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • When accessing the Walk-In Clinic, you will be assigned to the next available credit counsellor.

Drop in Tuesdays 2:00-6:30pm at 447 Main Street East, Suite 201 (entrance at end of plaza beside Rexall).


Hamilton Public Library

Free Finance Workshops / Programs for public awareness

  • There are always public programs offered in the Hamilton communities educating and informing on finance.

Call the appropriate branches to register.

Neighbour 2 Neighbour Centre (N2N)

Money Matters

  • Offers one-on-one financial counselling.
  • Services and activities include drafting/updating household budget, organizing and explaining bills, paperwork, collection notices/process, government forms and credit reports, assisting with calls to creditors to negotiate debt repayment, assistance with calls to government agencies to rectify any issues, conversation and encouragement around modifying habits for better living in means and assistance completing forms for housing, government, income support, etc.

Call for an appointment: 905-574-1334 x208. Service is available Mon-Wed afternoons. Other times can be requested.

Utility Support Programs

L.E.A.P. Low-income Energy Assistance Program

  • Residential low-income customers of Horizon Utilities may be eligible for emergency financial assistance to apply against their electrical bill.

Downtown Hamilton: Call Housing Help Centre at 905-526-8100 ext. 305. Hamilton Mountain: Call Neighbour 2 Neighbour Centre at 905-574-1334.  You can find more information here

Utility Arrears Assistance

  • People on low income who need assistance with utility arrears can apply to the Housing Stability Benefit Program.
  • Assistance covers utility arrears (hydro, electric, heat, water/sewage), security deposits and/or reconnection fees when the utility charges are not included in the cost of rent/condo fees.
  • Assistance is provided by City of Hamilton, up to $800 for single/$1500 for families with children or dependent adults.

Ontario Works participants or people staying in an emergency can apply through OW case manager/shelter case manager. ODSP participants contact an ODSP case manager for a referral to the Housing Help Centre. Households with low-income call Housing Help Centre at 905-526-8100.  More information can be found here.

Winter Warmth

  • Program designed for low-income families and individuals living at, or below, the poverty line who have exhausted all other sources of financial support to pay Union Gas bill at risk of arrears or currently in arrears.
  • Approved households may receive one grant (up to $500 maximum) per calendar year.

Downtown Hamilton: Call Housing Help Centre at 905-526-8100 ext. 305. Hamilton Mountain: Call Neighbour 2 Neighbour Centre at 905-574-1334.  More information can be found here.

Ontario Electricity Support Program

  • For customers of electricity utility and in a low-income household, you may qualify for a reduction on electricity bill through this program.

Call 1-855-831-8151 to see if you qualify and to apply or you can apply online.

City of Hamilton - Services / Support

Ontario Works Income Support Program

  • Access to temporary financial and employment assistance, also known as social assistance, for people who are in financial need.
  • Can apply online, may take up to 45 minutes to complete and you will receive a call within three business days to book an in-office appointment.

Click here for more information or alternatively, call the office at 905-546-4800 and press option 1 Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Free/Low Cost Food Access

  • There are many options throughout the city for free or affordable food access to help fulfill this basic need.
  • Some options include, free meals, emergency food, Good Food Box, food banks, community gardens, community kitchens, low-cost group meals, Meals on Wheels, prenatal nutrition programs, student nutrition programs and access to transportation for grocery shopping.

Contact the City of Hamilton at 905-546-2489 for access to this information or click here.

Helping Hands

  • Home support for eligible low-income senior citizens 65yrs+ and the disabled, allowing them to remain in their own home environment.
  • Home support services include housecleaning, rug shampooing, window cleaning, laundry, air conditioner installation, spring/fall yard clean-up, lawn/yard maintenance, snow shovelling and packing.
  • This program also provides opportunities for Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program participants an opportunity to develop workplace skills while having access to additional income support.

To access this service call 905-546-3057 Mon-Fri 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. Have the following supporting documents ready: Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency, copies of pay stubs (if applicable), list of assets and if disabled, a letter of assessment from a healthcare professional.
To participate in the program as a worker speak with your OW or an ODSP case manager for referral into the program.  You can also find more information here.

Home Management Program

  • Teaches individuals, families and groups, through practical instruction and coaching, the skills necessary to be more successful and independent in their daily living.
  • Skills gained could include budgeting, household management & routines, coping with housing issues, basic nutrition, menu planning and meal preparation, parenting, goal setting, problem solving, time management, stress management, self esteem and more.
  • Low-income families or individuals and Ontario Works / Ontario Disability participants that are Hamilton residents can apply to access this service.

Call 905-546-4804, email, or click here for more information or assistance in preparing the referral.

Snow Angels: The neighbourly thing to do

  • Free snow removal service for Hamilton residents that are low-income or eligible seniors or persons with disabilities.
  • We are sorry to report that for the 2016-2017 season, the City is not accepting new applications at this time. If you were approved last year, you are currently being matched with a volunteer.
CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS!!! Help out our residents!
  • If a large number of volunteers are recruited, the City will expand the services to new applicants. Must be 14yrs+, reliable and in good physical health.

Click here for more information.

City of Hamilton Public Health

Special Supports Program

  • The Special Supports Program provides a wide range of health related benefits to City residents living independently in the community to improve their quality of life, health, wellness, safety and self-sufficiency.
  • Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program participants and low income families, individuals that are 18yrs+ and seniors , Hamilton residents, in receipt of Old Age Security, Canada Pension or just low earnings.
  • Supports can include diabetic supplies, hearing aids & batteries, orthotics/orthopedic footwear, assistive devices, hospital bed/mattress, surgical/incontinent/ostomy supplies, eyeglasses, medical taxi transportation, wheelchair batteries/repairs, fees for adult day programs, personal emergency response and other services or special items.
  • Do not order or purchase any equipment before receiving funding approval.
  • If on OW/ODSP, discuss your needs with caseworker and provide a note from health professional. Cost estimates may be required for some items.
  • For those that meet the low income eligibility, you must complete an application form available online. You will require supporting documents with your funding application.

Call 905-546-2590 or email for more information or details.

Please contact us at or through our Facebook page.