Child and Adolescent Mental Health

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As a parent it is terrifying to watch your child struggle with mental illness.  It can also be difficult to treat.  The most common early childhood disorders are anxiety related.  Often times the anxiety has a fairly classic presentation, but often children react to their fears with anger and defiance as they seek to control their situation.  Anxiety can also be triggered by developmental issues and instability at home.   Mood disorders become more prevalent during adolescence, unfortunately the hormonal shifts and changes that happen during this time can cause medication issues.  It is also important to be aware of the effect that mental illness in a parent has on a child.  Age appropriate education and openness about mental illness can help with self regulation and treatment.



Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services

  • THRIVE is the only organization in Hamilton whose services and programs centre exclusively on helping children and youth who have been sexually victimized and providing support to their non-offending parents/caregivers and families.

  • Also offers Hamilton's only mental health counselling program for immigrant and refugee children and youth experiencing trauma or abuse, and their families (OASIS Program).

To request a referral to our OASIS Program or Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment (SAAT) Program, please call Contact Hamilton at (905) 522-3304.

Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre

Child and Youth Mental Health Program / Community Education Service

  • An uplifting and calming space that offers outpatient services to children and youth (from birth up to 18) and their families, who are experiencing complex mental health needs in our community.

  • Assessment, consultation and treatment services are provided by a specialized team of mental health professionals.

  • The Community Education Service (CES) provides educational courses and skills training workshops to the community on a variety of topics, including parenting, child development and child & youth mental health concerns.

  • Programs are available for children, youth and caregivers, and are held regularly at locations across the Greater Hamilton Area (GHA).

Listings of classes can be seen in the Growing Together guide or here.

Call the CYMHP Central Referral office at 905-521-2100 Ext 74382.


McMaster Children’s Hospital

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Care Centre

  • The SA/DVCC provides specialized healthcare for children and youth (up to 18) who have experienced sexual assault and/or domestic violence. The care is provided by specialized nurses.

  • Victims of sexual assault ages 17 and under should present to the McMaster Children’s Hospital Emergency Department – serving children only.

For follow-up medical care or to inquire about counselling services, please contact the business line at (905) 521 - 2100 ext. 73557.


  • LOST, also known as Living Outside of Suffering and Trauma, is a peer led organisation that offers free services to mental health consumers.  These include regular drop-in peer support sessions, groups and talks for specific disorders, Yoga, and youth services.

L.O.S.T. is located at 148 Ottawa Street North.  You can reach them by calling Rebecca at 289-442-6428 or emailing at

Hamilton Family Health Team

  • Free mental wellness groups for youth under the care of the Hamilton Family Health Team throughout the Hamilton area.

For more information or questions contact 905-667-4852.

Schizophrenia Society of Ontario

Sound Off! Program

  • For-youth, by-youth social action and mobilization initiative that aims to break the silence surrounding mental health by bringing young people together to engage in conversation around how to strengthen Ontario’s responsiveness to youth and mental health issues.

To have a say in the mental health resources available (or not available) to youth and the mental health challenges faced by today’s youth of Ontario, click on the link above and click on the “Sound Off Here” and share your voice!

John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington & Area

  • Various youth programming designed to support youth to move away from criminal activity and become contributing community members and improve their own mental health.

  • YARD Hamilton (Gang Reduction Strategy) 12 week program with 12 weeks of community support with a mentor.

  • Some programs are only available through internal referral from Extrajudicial Measures and Sanctions programs. There are programs to support the affected families of youth at risk.

For more information contact 905-522-4446 or email

Alternatives for Youth

  • Drug and alcohol related services for 12 to 22 year olds and their families
    Youth and families have access to individual and family counselling, substance abuse education resources, support with substance addictions combined with pregnancy, street involvement, etc.

An intake worker is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm at the main office to provide information, consultation and to schedule an appointment. Call (905) 527-4469.

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